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Physics 1 (PH 103, For First year B.Tech)

Course contents                                     3-1-0-8         Pre-requisites: nil

Orthogonal coordinate systems and frames of reference, conservative and non-conservative forces , work-energy theorem, potential energy and concept of equilibrium; Rotation about fixed axis, translational-rotational motion, vector nature of angular velocity, rigid body rotation and its applications, Euler's equations; Gyroscopic motion and its application; Accelerated frame of reference, centrifugal and Coriolis forces.

Harmonic oscillator, damped and forced oscillations, resonance, coupled oscillations, small oscillation, normal modes, longitudinal and transverse waves, wave equation, plane waves, phase velocity, superposition wave packets and group velocity, two and three dimensional waves.

Failure of classical concepts, Black body radiation, photo-electric effect, Compton effect, Davison and Germer's experiment, Frank-Hertz experiment, Bohr's theory, Sommerfeld's model, correspondence principle, Planck hypothesis, De Broglie's hypothesis, Hilbert space, observables, Dirac notation, principle of superposition, wave packets, phase and group velocities, probability & continuity equation, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, orthonormality, expectation values, uncertainty principle, postulates of QM, Schrodinger equation & its applications to 1D potentials, field quantization, periodic potential wells: Kronig Penny model and origin of band gap.


  • D. Kleppner and R. J. Kolenkow, An introduction to Mechanics, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2000.

  • David Morin, Introduction to Classical Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, NY, 2007.

  • Frank S. Crawford, Berkeley Physics Course Vol 3: Waves and Oscillations, McGraw Hill, 1966.

  • Eyvind H. Wichmann, Berkeley Physics Course Vol 4: Quantum physics, McGraw Hill, 1971.

LECTURE 1 ( 5/August/2019)            Lecture Introduction (Click to open)


                                                       Video clip1 (Boy and his atom)

                                                       Video clip2 (Feather and cannon ball exp)

                                                       Video clip3 (Wine glass breaking)

                                                       Video clip4 (Gyroscope)

                                                       Video clip5 (Tacoma bridge collapse!)

LECTURE 2  (8/August/2019)            Lecture 2 Co-ordinate systems (Click to open)


Plane polar co-ordinate system

Transformation of vectors from Cartesian to

polar co-ordinates

Velocity and acceleration



TUTORIAL 1 (9/August/2019)   


Tutorial 1 (Click to open), 

Tutorial1 supplementary materials (Click to open)



LECTURE 3  (13/August/2019)

Cylidrical polar co-ordinate system

  • Transformation of vectors

  • Infinitesimal line, area and volume element


LECTURE 4  (16/August/2019)

Spherical polar co-ordinate system

  • Transformation of vectors

  • Infinitesimal line, area and volume element

TUTORIAL  3 (23/August/2019)

LECTURE 7  (26/August/2019)

LECTURE 8  (28/August/2019)

LECTURE 9  (29/August/2019)

TUTORIAL  4 (30/August/2019)

LECTURE 10  (2/September/2019)

LECTURE 11  (3/September/2019)

LECTURE 12  (5/September/2019)

TUTORIAL  5 (6/September/2019)

LECTURE 13  (9/September/2019)

LECTURE 14  (12/September/2019)

LECTURE 15  (13/September/2019)

LECTURE 16  (16/September/2019)

LECTURE 17  (17/September/2019)

LECTURE 18  (19/September/2019)

QUIZ 1 : 20/SEP/19 (FRIDAY)


LECTURE 19  (30/September/2019)

LECTURE 20  (1/October/2019)

LECTURE 21  (3/October/2019)

TUTORIAL 6  (4/October/2019)



LECTURE 22  (15/October/2019)

LECTURE 23  (16/October/2019)

LECTURE 24  (17/October/2019)

TUTORIAL 7  (19/October/2019)

LECTURE 25  (21/October/2019)

LECTURE 26  (22/October/2019)

LECTURE 27  (24/October/2019)

TUTORIAL 8  (25/October/2019)

LECTURE 28  (28/October/2019)

LECTURE 29  (29/October/2019)

LECTURE 30  (31/October/2019)

TUTORIAL 9  (1/November/2019)

LECTURE 31  (4/November/2019)

LECTURE 32  (5/November/2019)

LECTURE 33  (7/November/2019)

TUTORIAL 10  (8/November/2019)

LECTURE 34  (11/November/2019)

LECTURE 35  (14/November/2019)

LECTURE 36  (15/November/2019)

LECTURE 37  (18/November/2019)

LECTURE 38  (19/November/2019)

LECTURE 39  (21/November/2019)

Quiz 2 (22/November/ 2019)

End Sem Exam (27/November/2019)

PH103: 39 Lectures and 10 Tutorials

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