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Dr. Raghavan K. Easwaran 

   (Group Leader)

PhD Students


Mr. Rohit Kumar


Mr. Dixit . M


Mr. Mobassir


Dr. Vikas Singh Chauhan

Former PhD student (2017 to 2021)

 Post Doc at

Institute of Molecular Sciences Japan

Ms Naincy Srivastava

Post Doc/RA


Dr. Sumit Bhushan 

Former PhD student (2013 Dec to 2019 May)

Post Doc at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA

Dr Biplab Goswami

MSc students

B.Tech/M.Tech/BS-MS students

Ms Aishi Barua

Mr. Pranit Terse

Ms Sramana Das

Mr. Rohit Kumar
Mr. Vineet Kumar
Mr. Rakesh Kumar











Mr. Mahesh Kumar (IISER Kolkata, India), currently PhD student at Institute of Molecular
Sciences Department of Photo-molecular science, Ohmori group, Japan

 Mr.Mithilesh Parit (IISER Kolkata, India), Co-Supervised, currently PhD student at Institut
d’Optique Graduate School · Groupe d’Optique Atomique, Laboratoire Charles Fabry, France

Mr. Vivek Joshi (B.Tech), IIT P
Mr. Ajit (B.Tech), IIT P
Mr. Rahul (B.Tech), IIT P
Mr. Rajinder (B.Tech), IIT P
Mr. Shubham (B.Tech), IITP

Mr. Anil Babaro Ringne (M.Tech), IITP

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