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EP 207: Thermal Physics for B.Tech (2023)

L1: Orientation and Introduction/27/7/23

L2: Kinetic Theory of gases /28/7/23

L3: M-B speed distribution /01/08/23

L4: Tutorial 1 /03/08/23

L5: Concept of Mean Free Path /04/08/23

L6: Pressure using Kinetic theory/Tutorial 2 /08/08/23

L7: Tutorial 2           9/8/23

L8: Tutorial 2/Thermal Diffusion, Ficks Law           16/8/23

L9: Thermal Diffusion, Ficks Law, Tutorial 3         17/8/23

L10: Tutorial 3 / Diffusion in gases

L11: Effusion of gases

L12: Classical and Quantum gas

L13: Effusion, Thermodynamics

L14: Laws of Thermodynamics

L15: Engineering Problems, Second Law

L16: Second Law, Kelvin Planck and Clausius statement

L17: Tutorial 5 and Engineering Problems

L18: Entropy

L19: Clausius Inequality, Entropy Increase

L20: Maxwells relations, Thermodynamic Functions

L21: Quiz 1 Solutions, Display,Maxwells relations

L22: MSE Solutions, Gibbs-Duhem Relations

L23 and L25: Gibbs-Duhem Relations, Tutorial 6 and Phase Transition

L26 Clausius Claperyon Equation and Practice Problems

L27 Engineering Problems

L28 T-v and P-v diagrams Phase Transition
and Engineering Problems

L29 Dryness fraction, Application Engineering Problems

L30  and  L31 Engineering Application Thermal Power Plant

L32 to L34 Thermal Power Plant (contd) Vapour
Compression Refrigeration Cycle and 
Practice Problems

L35 Practice Problems Continued

Quiz 2 (16/11/23) 3pm-3:55pm, Thursday

Comments regarding the course

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