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EP 207: Thermal Physics for B.Tech (2023)

L1: Orientation and Introduction/27/7/23

L2: Kinetic Theory of gases /28/7/23

L3: M-B speed distribution /01/08/23

L4: Tutorial 1 /03/08/23

L5: Concept of Mean Free Path /04/08/23

L6: Pressure using Kinetic theory/Tutorial 2 /08/08/23

L7: Tutorial 2           9/8/23

L8: Tutorial 2/Thermal Diffusion, Ficks Law           16/8/23

L9: Thermal Diffusion, Ficks Law, Tutorial 3         17/8/23

L10: Tutorial 3 / Diffusion in gases

L11: Effusion of gases

L12: Classical and Quantum gas

L13: Effusion, Thermodynamics

L14: Laws of Thermodynamics

L15: Engineering Problems, Second Law

L16: Second Law, Kelvin Planck and Clausius statement

L17: Tutorial 5 and Engineering Problems

L18: Entropy

L19: Clausius Inequality, Entropy Increase

L20: Maxwells relations, Thermodynamic Functions

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