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I am Dr. Raghavan K. Easwaran, working as an Associate Professor (Physics) at Indian Institute of Technology Patna.  I work in the area of Quantum Optics (Experiment and theory), mostly focused towards Slow light using atomic mediums like alkali vapours and Ultracold atoms. Our group is working towards theoretical study of light pulse propogation in atomic media also constructing an experimental set up for Quantum memory applications. We are currently developing an experimental facility for slow light and quantum memory applications using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) phenomenon. Moreover this set up will be upgraded to laser cooled atoms in order to increase the efficiency of Quantum memory.

                 We also theoretically study the propagation of light pulses in  a two dimensional magneto-optical trap (2DMOT) system under Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) conditions. Slow light generation in cold atomic systems are also studied. Recently we proposed novel theoretical design for the generation of slow light in 2D MOT system. TeraHertz Quantum memory, Broad band quantum memory, Multiwindow EIT using Zeeman effects etc are the other topics studied.

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Dr. Raghavan K Easwaran

Associate Professor (Physics)

Office Location: Science Block, 04/121,

Indian Institute of Technology Patna,


Patna - 801103

Ph: +91-612-3028029

Mob:- +91 7542957634

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